Sunday, March 25, 2007

Never drink alcohol before a big run!

OK, I confess, on friday night I had a few glasses of a rather nice rose wine. I know it was ill-advised as I had a big running weekend ahead of me. Saturday was 10 miles and Sunday was 20 miles and you just can't do that comfortably after over-indulging! Believe me, my 10 miler was not comfortable and I really had to force myself out of the door. Today, I managed my 20 miler but it certainly wasn't easy - the first 12 miles were cross-country and although very pleasant I was going really slowly. Thankfully I managed to get my brain into gear for the final 8 miles and I feel quite positive now. I must try not to drink wine on a Friday evening!!!

The yarn for my latest project arrived on Friday so I've made a start. This is the base for the Rowan crochet bag. I wasn't sure about the colour of the yarn when it arrived (it's called 'khaki' but is more on the grey side) but I'm used to it now. The pattern is really easy so far and quick to crochet. Although the yarn is very nice and soft to handle, it is disappointing that there have been several joins in the first ball. The second ball seems just as bad. This is not a cheap yarn and it is very annoying to find joins like that. Naughty Rowan.

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