Friday, March 28, 2008

Knit Today magazine

I had a nice surprise in the post this morning. Janice had sent me a complimentary copy of Knit Today magazine which mentions what I'm up to at the London marathon and suggests people might like to come and have a Knit-Out at the Grapes Pub. Many thanks to Janice for publicising it and giving my fund-raising address.

I love these 2 photos. The one of me knitting and running was taken by a fellow runner (Ruth) on Tower Bridge and the one of me holding my Guinness World Record certificate was taken by Mike at the finish. Happy memories. Only 2 weeks to go and I have to try to forget just how difficult it was last year - the aching shoulders, pins and needles in my forearms for the last 10 miles, sore and stiff fingers, a permanent crick in my neck, sweaty hands trying to fumble with yarn, getting sprayed by a water cannon to "cool me down" which soaked all my wool and made it even harder to knit with!!!!!

Autumn Rose is making progress, albeit slowly. I am a slow knitter anyway and I can't spend hours knitting each day or my neck and shoulders seize up. I'm finding it very absorbing and once I get the pattern for each row into my head I'm fine.

It's very curly-wurly at the moment so I had to hold it flat to take the photo. Isn't my stitch marker cute - he's a 'yarnimal'.


Monica said...

you are a superstar! I'll be watching FLM from the TV. I am sure I'll see you on there!

Susie Hewer said...

I doubt I'll be on TV again this year but thanks anyway Monica.

TutleyMutley said...

EEEk, April 13th is not far away! Good luck Susie.
And your Autumn Rose is looking wonderful. I love knitting fairisle and seeing how the colours effect each other and transform simple patterns into something so beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Hi Suise. I love what you're doing and would like to interview as soon as you're available about your marathon adventures for my CraftSanity podcast. (Check it out at If you're interested, please e-mail me at It would be great to chat before your April 13 marathon to give people a chance to contribute before the big race.

heldasland said...

all the best, you are amazing I talk about you on my recent podcast