Thursday, April 24, 2008

Emotionally drained

Many thanks to everyone who left such kind comments on my previous posts.

I am feeling totally drained of emotion since the London Marathon. It's talking about dementia and remembering what it did to mum that's done it 'cos it all comes flooding back at this time. Physically I'm fine and resumed my training schedule 2 days after but I just can't get my crafting head back on. My Autumn Rose project was going great guns and I was up to the armholes/neck but I just don't feel like picking up my needles yet. I picked up a crochet hook last night and did a bit of twiddling then tried a bit of cross stitch but just didn't get the buzz.

Hey ho. I'm sure my enthusiasm will come back soon.

Yesterday I went to Brighton with Emma from the Alzheimer's Research Trust who was doing a presentation to a group of people who are doing some fund-raising for them. She focussed on the work they do and then passed over to me to talk about my experience with mum. I've talked about it so many times that you'd think it wouldn't effect me but there's always something that I recount that brings the horror of it back to me. At one stage I felt a lump in my throat and my eyes just filled with tears and I had to take a deep breath before I could continue. The people were all very kind and thanked me for sharing my experiences and I hope it helped them understand more about the disease.

In the meantime Marina very kindly emailed me to say that Virtual Yarns have restocked and so I have ordered the Oregon Cardigan in the 'autumn' colourway so that's something to look forward to.

Only another week and it will be time for my next marathon. Hopefully that will perk me up a bit.

Oh and I've just remembered - my scarf has now gone off to Terry Pratchett who has very kindly agreed to be photographed wearing it before it's auctioned by the Alzheimer's Research Trust. I'm hoping that the association with Terry will encourage people to make generous bids. I tucked a little note in with as well for whoever gets the scarf just explaining why I did it, telling mum's story and thanking them for bidding plus giving washing/care instructions.


Kirsten said...

Hang in there! What you are doing is so valuable!

I love that Terry Pratchett will be modeling your scarf!! I do hope you share the photos, or a link to the photos with us!

Monica said...

hi! I hope you're feeling better :-)
excellent news about the scarf. let us know how it goes !!