Sunday, January 25, 2009

On a clear day

On the one clear day we have had recently, two lovely people came to meet us. I'd like to introduce Paul and Sarah who we will be seeing a lot more of over the next few months. Just after Christmas Paul contacted the Alzheimer's Research Trust to find out my contact details. He was planning to do some fund-raising for them and whilst searching their website he'd come across details of my extreme knitting antics. This gave him an idea which he shared with me. In the words of Mr Baldrick, he had a cunning plan!

As you can imagine, it is a wacky idea and we weren't even sure if we could do it and so, after many emails flying back and forth, Paul and Sarah came to meet us so we could explore the idea further.

I can't reveal exactly what we're planning just yet so you'll just have to be patient. Suffice to say, it's somewhat unusual, challenging, will require a great deal of training and organisation and should hopefully catch the ever-open eye of the media to gain maximum publicity for the charity and raise much needed funds.

Watch this space!

Sadly the next day wasn't as nice and the rain and wind came back. I couldn't face another run on the treadmill, especially as I had 10 miles to run so I just had to get wet! When Mike took this photo upon my return he wondered why I was standing in the puddle. I replied that it was as good a place as any as I was soaked through any way. The photo really doesn't show the rain dripping off me, but it was!

Last but not least we have some more publicity from the scarf in Running Fitness magazine using my favourite photo taken by Michelle from the Alzheimer's Research Trust.


Carol said...

Sounds interesting! I've given up running until Spring. The weather is way below freezing here and will be for at least another week!

Marina said...

Run in the rain or run on the treadmill? Neither sounds appealling. Isn't there an indoor track somewhere?

Susie Hewer said...

Carol, brrrrrrr to your weather. No wonder you need mittens!

Marina, LOL. We marathon runners are made of stern stuff you know!