Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Heron, a heron! My kingdom for a heron! (with apologies to Shakespeare)

I was just en-route to making a cup of tea before I went for a run when I saw something odd down by the oak tree. It's about 150' from the house and I couldn't make it out so I reached for the binoculars and low and behold it was the heron, sunning himself.

He looked absolutely magnificent and much larger than I had imagined. You can see hum better if you click on the photo and zoom in.

Later, as I cut across the fields on my way back from my run, I spotted him again but this time he was in with the horses, just sitting there: well, he was until he spotted me and then he took off so I just pointed the camera and clicked. He's the grey thing!

For my run today I headed out towards Salehurst and Robertsbridge along the footpaths as the lanes were rather slippery. We are blessed with a fantastic network of public footpaths and I use them whenever possible. It was a wonderful day for a cross-country run as it was sunny but cold and crisp. The ground was quite rutted and I had to be extra careful not to turn an ankle as I ran across the frozen fields. I spotted these beautiful pink catkins on the edge of a copse.

I love the sheep who are grazing our fields at the moment.

Their black stockings match their faces! As soon as I climbed into the field they came dashing towards me in the hope that I was bringing them their food. Sorry sheepies.

I've been playing around with some of the bargain yarn I bought recently. This is a crochet swatch for a Teva Durham design from Loop-d-Loop Crochet but I don't have a hook large enough to get the gauge at the moment. I like the stitch though.

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