Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just when you think it's safe to feel content.....

Life comes and bites you on the backside. Quite literally as it happens.

Mike has been making good recovery, thanks in no small part to the skillfulness of Mary Massage Lady who usually inflicts pain and suffering on my tangled body in order to keep me running.

On Monday, he saw her again and he'd made such good progress that we decided to celebrate by taking a trip to a village nearby for some lunch and a wander round the shops.

It was a clear, bright and sunny day. Perfect for a little jaunt. We were happy and carefree.

I can't bring my self to write the full and horrific details of what happened on our journey, but we never reached our intended destination. Rather, we found ourselves exchanging details with a lady (who had been driving the car in front of us) and the driver of the HGV that smashed into the back of our beautiful car. Suffice to say that the driver of the HGV was driving too close to us and too fast to be able to stop when our car and the car in front braked to allow another vehicle to turn off the road.

Thankfully, no-one was injured too badly although I bore the full brunt of the crash as the HGV driver, realising he couldn't brake, tried to steer to the right of us and in so doing transferred the whole 10 tons weight of his vehicle onto the rear off-side of our vehicle when he hit us. I felt a massive shock through the whole of my body. Thankfully, Mike hardly felt a thing which is testament of the safety features of our car.

Our car is a write-off and is now sitting on our driveway looking so sad, just waiting to be taken away for scrap.

I am nursing a very sore pelvis, hip, leg and right arm. There won't be any running for me until I feel much better. Thankfully I had been running well beforehand so I'm hoping a short lay-off won't have too much impact on my schedule.

Hey ho, at least it was only the cars that were written off.


Kirsten said...

Very scary! I hope you have a speedy recovery and are back to running soon.

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Kirsten. It takes a lot to stop me running!

Shan said...

Oh dear, that's scary! hope your bod recovers soon.