Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No wheels on my wagon......

Well so much for my no-alcohol-until-after-the-Brighton-marathon nonsense. We had a lovely get-together with nearly 50 of the villagers in the local pub last night and it would have been rude not to raise a glass now wouldn't it (said very tongue-in-cheek!).

My marathon training is going well, touch wood etc etc but the speedwork is quite hard as I'm not used to doing it. The good news is that entries for the Liverpool marathon are now open and I am in which will complete my series of marathons for this year. I lived near and worked in Liverpool for many years, met Mike there and generally had a wonderful time as the people of Liverpool are great so it will be a real trip down memory lane. I'm currently working on a link between revisiting my past and how the brains of dementia sufferers change as the disease progresses.

In knitting news I'm well ahead with Two although the sizing is small even though my tension is spot-on which is rather annoying as I didn't really want a close fitting garment.

There is, however, an elephant in the room. More specifically it's in my favourite hiding place alongside the settee and it's in a knitting bag. I've tried to ignore it but it's too lovely a piece to leave as a UFO for any longer.

Its the beautiful Oregon cardigan in the Autumn colourway.

I put her to one side when Mike went into hospital at the end of 2009, finished off the first sleeve when he came out of hospital in January 2010 but then I put her to one side because I associated her with bad things happening (yes I know it's silly!).

Every so often I'd notice the bag when I was hoovering the carpet but then I would turn away again.

Now I've decided I need to get her finished as I need a more interesting knit to get my teeth into whilst I finish off Two. So, tomorrow evening I shall make a start. That may sound as if I'm procrastinating by not doing anything this evening but I can't because I shall be at my German evening class. I started learning German at the end of last year and although it isn't easy it's a good challenge.

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Linda said...

The Oregon sweater is lovely. I can't wait to see it modeled on you. A belated Happy New Year to you and your family.