Saturday, September 1, 2012


I've been bottling this up so I thought I'd air my fears on here in the hope that it would  make them disappear.  Tomorrow is the Kent Coastal marathon over in Thanet and will be marathon number 4 of the 5 planned for this year and my 28th to date.

Why am I especially nervous about this one, given that pre-race nerves are a normal part of marathoning?  Well it will be my first road marathon since London back in April which is when I first experienced breathing difficulties.  I know I've done 2 marathons since then but they were off-road and there wasn't quite the same pressure on beating my time in them as I was pretty confident that I could.

This one, well the time I set 5 years ago is 5:37 so technically I should easily get inside that as I'm frequently around the 5 hour mark for a road marathon these days.  Also, with a 1/2 marathon time of 2:00:59 at Paddock Wood that should see me well below 5 hours.

But, or rather BUT, the asthma has taken a real toll on my confidence even though I've found ways of continuing to train hard even when it's been at its worst.  What if the pollen count is really high and it brings on another attack?  My gunk quotient is high today (sorry, too much info!) which is making me anxious too.  What if the weather forecast suddenly changes to 'hot' which it was last time I ran it (hence the slow time)?  What if I start too fast and can't maintain the pace?

Oh what a whingey post.  I'm even getting on my own nerves but at least I've aired my fears which might help to quieten the demons!

I'll just do it and I'll give it my best shot just as I always do.

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Shan said...

Oh dear! No wonder you're worried. I hope it goes as well as you hope, no worse than you expect, and much better than you fear!

Good luck tomorrow.