Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter everyone

Thank goodness the daffodils are starting to flower to brighten up a very cold and dreary day.  We've even had a few snow flurries throughout the morning.

I haven't been for my run yet as I've been busy making hot cross buns and Easter biscuits.  Who says you have to wait until they're cold?  That certainly doesn't happen in our household!

Here's one of the baby bootees which I think looks fresh and Spring-like.  I'm playing around with a design for a different pair and I think I'll add some little flowers to them.

I got the latest Crochet Club email the other day so I'll be working on the new designs after Easter.  Very exciting.

I asked Dixie if she'd got any buttons that would be suitable for Tinker's eyes (in my textile taxidermy project) and she found some that are a glorious bright green which will shine out beautifully when surrounded by the rust velvet I'm going to use on his face and head.  I'm not going for realism, just glorious decorative touches.

I loved the postcard she put in with the buttons - so many wonderful shapes and colours.  Just imagine what it would be like to have such an amazing button box to rummage around in.

I like that the buttons aren't flat and although they have a shank, which is not ideal, I like that you can see the dark backing through the eye which will serve as his pupils.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday wherever you are in the world and whatever you do.

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