Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thursday 2nd May, the day before the event

The lovely Sue from ARUK had a brainwave about linking my 2 old horses with Badminton Horse Trials and suggested that Mike take a photo of me with the 2 of them with the scarf wrapped around their necks.

I wasn't too sure that they would like that at all - brightly coloured snake-like things and horses do not usually go well together!

Anyway, we thought we'd give it a go so here are the results with words provided by Kizzy and Esther:

What do you want?  I'm trying to have my afternoon nap
Oh no, not more photos!
OK, what's she got there?
Can I eat it?
OK, if you insist I'll take a look at it but I know you're up to something
I don't think so, I'm off
I think that says it all!

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