Thursday, July 4, 2013

A nice surprise

An award

Last night I swapped these;

for these;

to go to this with Mike:


You see, I'd been nominated for the award for 'Fundraiser of the year' by the listeners of Arrow fm, a local radio station.  We knew that I was in the final few as someone had interviewed Mike about the things I've done for Alzheimers Research UK but we didn't really think I'd win.  When it came to my category the announcer started out by saying they'd had loads of nominations and I just thought there was no way that it would be me that won.

But then he started talking about someone who runs marathons and I heard Mike's voice talking about some of the things I've done and the 3 large screens were scrolling through photos of me dressed as a Christmas tree, knitting on the back of a tandem, running and knitting in the london marathon and generally looking very silly and he announced me as the winner.

Oh my!

I  actually managed to get up on the stage without falling over in my high heels and then it's all a blur really.  There was a bit of banter and some photos and then some celebrating.

This morning I am a bit muzzy-headed so my run will have to wait until later.

Thank you so much to whoever it was who nominated me.

Some more crochet

Here's part of the second Herati square, just blocked and waiting for the next section.  It's going to be massive.

I shall have to do a separate post with the photos from my runs as I have got loads to show.

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