Thursday, November 27, 2014

Busy with a capital B

I've just realised that I have neglected my blog completely which is disgraceful but not without good reason - charity knitting/crochet for Christmas.  I started work on things back in October and more requests kept coming in so I had to leave my poor little blog unattended.

Here are a few photos so you get a feel for some of the things I've been doing (although I can't share some because they are surprises):

Mooooooo for the girls (part of a project for a fund-raising raffle in December)
Rocking the ABBA look, all will be revealed eventually. I really must tidy my shelves!!!
A set of basic crocheted Xmas tree decorations, all really easy to make without a pattern. They are covered in glitter and really sparkle nicely in the light but it doesn't show up in these photos. These motifs have been duplicated many times in various colour combinations for different people.

I saw a photo of this little penguin amigurumi and just made an approximation of him. So far I've made 10 if the fiddly little blighters (4ply yarn and a 1.5 hook)!

Owls are always popular aren't they. 

Those little fellows have flown off to a couple of Facebook chums who very kindly made donations to my fund-raising page. The one with the turquoise eyes is rather special as he holds a silver ring in his beak to signify the very personal link my friend has with dementia. 

Owls are so easy to make and if you just google you'll find lots of ideas to copy and it's always nice to personalise them. These are all made with a basic circle of double crochet (UK) with ears made by using Half Trebles and Trebles, then circles for eyes and embroidery to decorate. They are all stiffened with pva glue and sprinkled with glitter glue on the front. I've made 35 owls so far for various local charities to sell.

Then of course there's Mike's cardigan which is still awaiting its buttonhole band, my crochet cowl etc etc…………

In the meantime I've got my latest marathon this weekend which will given me a welcome break from knitting and crochet!

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