Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Focus

So what did I do over the Christmas break? Lots!

There was baking, running, thinking, moving things around, de-cluttering and planning for 2015. I don't make resolutions but I do like to evaluate things and try to make changes where I deem necessary.

On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day I donned my Ms Santa outfit for my run. It always makes people smile. This year I was especially pleased with the red/white striped tights together with black/white socks which clashed nicely with my new mauve-coloured shoes. Classy hey?!

On NYD last year I went off to run a 10k race in atrocious weather conditions but this year I decided against it and went for a glorious run in the sunshine through muddy fields. What kept catching my eye were the bare branches of the trees against the beautiful blue sky.

I went out just as the sun was rising
The twigs reminded me of upward-pointing tree roots (see the next photo)!
These tree roots became exposed when the tree was blown down last Spring. Although these roots are now dried up and dead, the tree still has enough roots below ground to enable it to re-grow.

I loved the light catching the top of this beautiful Silver Birch

At one point I ran through a wooded area and took this shot of the dark tree trunks with the light peeping through.

As I ran along, the tree branches reminded me of embroidery stitches (feather stitch actually) and I realised that I'm missing needlework from my daily crafting. Knitting and crochet seem to have been dominating for a while and I think I need to get going on an embroidery project or something else involving fabric and thread. I also realised that I often forget to post photos of finished projects as I am  a true flippertigibbert and easily distracted so I must address that issue this year. Just to prove a point, that reminds me that I haven't taken a photo of Mike's cardigan!

Once I'd had that thought my mind started to mull over the idea and then on my next run I just kept seeing things that inspired me. The beauty of long-distance running is that you can let your mind wander and being immersed is nature really liberating.

What an extraordinary tree with a line of gnarly bark up its middle. It looks as if someone is diving into the ground!

I love the pattern of tractor tyres in the mud

Last years growth on a hawthorn hedge looks like a novelty yarn or modern stitchery

The wonderfully twisted branches of the remains of a hedge which must have been 'laid' in the past

Glorious patterning on these Hazel catkins reminded me of a filling stitch used in embroidery

One morning I went out and we'd had a hard frost. When I looked out of the kitchen window I noticed a strange shape emerging from the frozen water:

Closer inspection revealed this strange chunk of ice sitting on top of the frozen water. How on earth did it form like that?

The patterns within the ice were fascinating too
The next day these magnificent ice crystals had formed around the rim:

The ground is sodden at the moment and so there were lots of puddles with amazing patterns in the ice. I could imagine a mixed media interpretation of the patterns:

I have many, many more photos to inspire me but January will be spent catching up on unfinished things before I embark upon a new creative adventure.

In the meantime I have my first marathon of 2015 on Sunday and I'm hoping the weather will be kind to us as it's down on the Kent coast again!

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