Sunday, May 31, 2015

A first for Alzheimer's Research UK and Marathon 48 of 60

Alzheimer's Research UK

1st June marks a huge milestone in the history of Alzheimer's Research UK as they launch their first ever month-long National advertising campaign to raise awareness about dementia and the need for research. You can read more about it here where Hilary Evans, ARUK's Chief Executive, talks about their vision.

The campaign includes an excellent advert which will be shown on prime-time National TV and in cinemas throughout June.  If you haven't seen it yet you can watch it here. The first airing of the advert is at around 8:40pm this evening in the London and South East regions inbetween 'Britain's Got Talent'.

I was asked to give my reaction to the advert and you'll be able to read my blog on their website when it's finished -  I'll post a link on here.  I think they've done an excellent job and I hope they get a massive response to it.

Marathon 48 of 60

Here I go again, 4 days after my last one I'm off to Gravesend in Kent for the Kent Roadrunner marathon. It's an odd choice really as I'd never have thought that I would enjoy running round and round in circles for 17 laps but I knew exactly what I was in for as I ran it last year and thoroughly enjoyed it!

They had sponsorship from a local brewery this year and so held a competition for anything cow-themed. Ordinarily I'd have knitted or crocheted something appropriate such as the cow hats I crocheted for Andy's raffle but my shoulder and neck have been bothering me again and I didn't want to aggravate them so I didn't do anything. Plenty of people did though and later you'll see Carolyn modelling a rather attractive cow-themed skirt instead of her usual kilt!

I arrived there nice and early but was shocked that the car park was nearly full already - apparently there'd been a warning that car parking was restricted this year for some reason so it was more by luck than judgement that I managed to get a place. First thing I did was go to collect my number etc.

The start area

I bumped into Carolyn on my way there:

The first person I spotted in the registration area was Rachel. Hotly followed by Travis who, upon greeting me with a hug, declared that I was very hairy (as I had my hair down at the time) - cheeky boy!

Followed by Karen (who won't thank me for this photo!):

Andrew sneaked into this photo of Race Directors. Here we have Rachel, Traviss's lovely fiancee, Ian the Race Director of the KRR, Andrew who isn't a RD (unless I'm mistaken) and Karen who is always busy being an RD all over the place! I love that they all support eachothers events, whether they act as marshalls or runners.

When I collected my race number I forgot to collect the wristbands and when I went back all the pretty brightly coloured ones had gone and they'd resorted to giant elastic bands - they didn't smell very nice when it got hot later on.

At this sort of event it's nice touch to have your name on the race number so people can shout encouragement when they go past. I like displaying my age too as people keep focusing on it ("aren't you getting a bit old for running marathons?" etc etc!).

As I was leaving registration I spotted Jo in her tutu and stripey sock ensemble together with Steve, to her left, who although very poorly is trying desperately to get to his 100th marathon whilst he still can. I think he's on 92 marathons or thereabouts and as I was doing my last lap he said he'd only got 7 more laps to go and I checked the results to see that he did finish. They are all sporting the RR running vests which I didn't get because I always like to run in my ARUK charity vest if possible.

Now for the running part. I felt absolutely fine after the Cakeathon and my only worry was the weather as it felt rather warm when we set off. I hoped that the breeze would help keep the temperature down but I decided I'd set off a bit faster than usual to get plenty of miles under my belt before it got really hot at midday. I'm glad I did as it did get hot and I've got some interesting sunburn lines to show for it.

It was a very friendly and sociable event as always with lots of high fiving and shouting words of encouragement to eachother. Matt was running the course in the opposite direction as he did last year and it was lovely to pass him a couple of times on each lap. Thanks for your wonderful support Matt.

I wasn't troubled by the uPdulations as I always just slow my pace right down. I hate walking up hills, except in trail marathons, as I find it hard to get going again (it's a psychological thing more than anything). I ran and chatted with lots of amazing people en-route. Some running their first marathon, one with over 600 under his belt & Brian with 1000+ to his name. Some people struggled in the heat whilst others recorded personal best times. Each person at a different stage in their own marathon journey.

The marshalls were all wonderful, especially the two on one of the bends who made comments about my cap with its bright crochet. The people out supporting their loved ones were generous in their support of others as well.

It was lovely to see Mandy (on the left in the yellow vest) helping out at the water station as she had intended to run it as her first marathon but decided against it. Thanks for your support Mandy xxx
Karen joined in the fun too (thanks for the hug as I sped, ahem, to the finish line xxx)

I finished in 5:03:46 (last year was 4:55:03) and was pleased with that. Looking back at last year I realised that had been my 36th marathon and here I am 12 months later on 48. After the KRR last year I didn't do another marathon until October and I've been doing at least 1 a month ever since (well, it's been 5 in the last 4 weeks but that was an exception). At this rate I'll be up to 60 marathon early next year (fingers crossed) so I'll have to find something else to aim for in 2017 and my mind is already racing!

The medal is HUGE and Ian claims it's the biggest marathon medal in the UK measuring over 15cm and weighing in at nearly half a kilo!

The beast itself.

Here it is hanging out with some of my more recent Traviss medals and last years KRR medal

I suspect we're going to get medal wars between the Race Directors at this rate!

All in all it was a grand day out and I've already signed up for next year. Thanks Ian and team, you did a great job.


Jo L Yarnall said...

hahaha I just spotted my picture in a google search of all things, can you believe it!!!! Next time I'll try and face the camera when you're taking a taking a pic lol

Susie Hewer said...

Those socks just had to be shared with the world Jo!