Monday, August 24, 2015

Shawl showtime and nearly there on the crochet front

Shawl Showtime

I've finished my laceweight version of  the Miss Dashwood shawl and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. Although the border required my full attention, the body was easy-peasy and great TV knitting.

Blocking wire, pins and mats at the ready. The shawl looked really small at this stage.

I finally bought myself some mats for blocking rather than using large towels spread on the spare bed! Rather than spending silly money on the expensive mats from the knitting companies I chose these cheap and cheerful playmats which I bought for a fraction of the price. I've read cases of the more expensive ones bleeding colour when damp wool is place on them but the reviews of these was good and they are perfectly adequate.

Tilly thought this was tremendous fun and decided to add more of her hairs to the wet wool to join those already knitted into the fabric!

I'm helping!
It's wonderful to see the pattern brought to life as you pin and stretch the knitting. Of course I hadn't got enough fine T pins for all the picots and had to resort ot dressmakers pins.

The reason I chose a laceweight rather than double knitting yarn was that I wanted a light and airy shawl, to wear with the point at the front and the ends dangling beside it, to fill the triangular gap at the neckline of my favourite blanket jacket.

The blue yarn was chosen to bring out the blue stripes in the jacket.

It's too hot to model it myself but this gives an idea of how it will look.

Circles of the sun

I've just got one more square to make which I'll probably do this evening and then it's time to join them. I shall either use the brown or dark red and will make the backing out off the same fabric as our diningroom curtains.

Playing around with the position of the squares

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