Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Getting ready for the 7 Skeins

That title may not mean anything to you unless you're a fan of Kate Davies and her designs, which I am. I've been following Kate for years and love her work and her enthusiasm so when she announced she was creating her own brand of wool I pricked my ears up with interest!

Kate's new yarn is named Buachaille, a Scottish word meaning 'Herdsman', and she has chosen 7 shades of yarn with wonderful names such as Yaffle and Highland Coo in colours reflecting the countryside where she lives.  To launch her new venture she has created The Seven Skeins Club which I signed up to immediately and was very excited when my parcel of yarn arrived the other day.

Ptarmigan, Haar, Squall, Between Weathers, Islay, Yaffle, Highland Coo - what wonderful names!

Here on her blog, Kate wrote about how she chose the names for each skein. Such wonderfully rich tones.

Project bag

Over the course of the next 7 weeks, we lucky members of the 7 Skeins Club will get a pattern delivered every Friday so we can be the first to experiment with the new yarn. Although we won't know in advance what the patterns are we do know that they will be for accessories which can be completed over a few evenings. Roll on Friday, that's what I say!

In other news the cushion is finished and I'm pleased that I managed to save someone else's cherished work. How sad that such pretty needlepoint was just discarded. It will be well loved now anyway.

This weekend, David Babcock is again running the Kansas City marathon but this time he's doing what he calls a 'Doily Dash'. You can read about it here on the Lion Brand Blog. I know he was having some problems registering this as a Guinnesss World Record attempt when we spoke last week (it can take an age and there are strict rules) but I hope he goes ahead anyway as it's such a fun idea and all to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association of America again (thank you David xxx). He's also going to be finger-crocheting flowers during the New York marathon a couple of weeks later and handing them out to spectators as he completes them. What fun.

David making a doily out on a training run

I did say that I hoped he's be using macho-pink yarn for his doily but he said he prefers a white one! I'm actually more impressed by the speed he'll be running as he's aiming at 10 minute miling which would be impressive even without the crochet. Go David - you rock!

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