Friday, August 18, 2017

Peeping out again

Poor blog, so sorry for neglecting you. This has been a very challenging year so far in so many ways that I just haven't felt like blogging and each time I've thought things were settling down something else bad happened. I have pulled out of nearly as many marathons as I've completed this year but thankfully Mike's health issues have now calmed somewhat and we are starting to relax again (which means I can now start planning my next challenge for Alzheimer's Research UK).

Hey ho, onwards and upwards as they say and I finally feel as if I can get back into it.

I have so many things to write about with hundreds of photos which I'll probably never have time to share so I'll have to pick and choose which to show whenever I get a moment. For now here are some photos from my 60th birthday a couple of months ago (yep, I am now officially an old biddy!) which was a lovely day in the midst of hospital visits. I'll keep the words to a minimum or I'll never get it completed:

Birthday morning

Chatting with "Ill Bill", the little drake who we thought might not make it through having been trapped by poachers (we think 'cos he had a lot of damage to his neck). He made a remarkable recovery thank goodness and has flown off to pastures new.

Pretty Tullulah the pheasant who was attacked by a fox but survived and is now doing well although she's more timid now.

Looking over to the orchard I noticed this female pheasant with a chick...... I took some grain over to her........

.....and they both came out to eat.....

.....and it turned out she had 5 chicks! What a lovely surprise and clever girl for managing to save them from the foxes etc.

Birthday surprise

I thought Mike was looking excited and when we went back inside he couldn't wait for me to open the fridge where I found this amazing cake and champagne. I immediately burst into tears of joy, as you do, 'cos Mike isn't really given to surprises or secrets so it was a genuine shock, albeit a very nice one.

I kept Rex rabbits for many years, my last 2 were Tango and Bluebelle

A very happy 60 year old

If you've read my blog before you may remember that I love bunnies, gardening is my passion and he asked the designer for her to be wearing a tiara just because she's a girl bunny and I love sparkly things!

The flowers were beautiful and the cake delicious - it was lemon drizzle and we took the first slice off the back because we couldn't bear to eat her face.

Of course I had to do my first run in my 60s and it was a beautiful day too. 6 miles felt just right.

That evening we went to the Mermaid Inn situated in the lovely town of Rye. The sun shone, we had a wonderful meal and it was just perfect.

Before champagne

After champagne (note my Houlland shawl which I've worn such a lot)

With the love of my life

When the time came to eat the bunny's face several days later we couldn't do it and so we put it out for the birds to enjoy:

All that remained was half her head, ears and nose!

It didn't take long before this cheeky jackdaw spotted her and was soon joined by his mates.

The next time we looked this was all that was left.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad to find a couple of posts...I was wondering what had become of you! I am sure people retire not to take it easy but to fit all the dr/hospital visits in. I am about to leave for an eye therapy session..the 10th out of 12...
Hope to see more from you soon...take care of yourself and your wonderful man

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Julie. LOL at getting older - I now understand why old people just talk about their ailments etc! Hope your eye therapy sessions are helpful, which reminds me I have another eye check-up soon........Susie x

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh Susie, what a lovely post.
So many great photographs.
Belated Birthday Wishes

All the best Jan

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Jan, it's good to feel as if I'm getting back into things at last xxx