Friday, May 17, 2019

RED May & Weel Riggit unmodelled

Having reached the halfway point of RED May I realised that I haven't even written about it! It's all about doing some sort of physical activity of at least 25 minutes or running/walking for 5k each day - Run Every Day = RED.

This was Day 1 on an out-and-back route through the village.


Day 6 brought me closer to getting below 30 minutes (my 5k pb is 26 minutes, set a long, long time ago!).

For Day 7 I decided to have a go at upping my pace a bit so chose to use the treadmill and look what happened:

Then Day 9 I had another go and knocked nearly a minute off:

Of course the times were much slower on the day after each of the 2 marathons I've done this month!

Yesterday I decided to have a go at one of my hilly circuits and chose to do the harder route with the longer uphill sections. I usually complete this in around 65-70 minutes so this was a complete surprise:

So this morning I thought I'd try it the other way round which usually takes 60 - 65 minutes:

I was only slightly disappointed because it's still below 60 minutes but not much faster than yesterday. Then I realised that my asthma and hayfever are pretty grotty to day so perhaps that's why. The good thing is that I can see and feel a difference so it's well worth pursuing.

Weel Riggit

My Weel Riggit pullover is finally dry, which took forever, and I was hoping to do some fun outdoor shots of it today but it's raining so that will have to wait. I am absolutely delighted with it and it fits just perfectly.


Pinned out and drying very slowly. I used the trick of sticking a plate in the neckline to keep it nicely stretched which has worked a treat

What did I do differently?

I knit size 2 using 4.5 mm needles for the body as I really didn't like the fabric produced using 5mm needles. For the ribbed edges I used 4mm needles and for the arms I used 4mm for the rib, then 4.5mm until the end of the increases so I got a closer fit (I don't like baggy sleeves in heavy weight yarn) and then swapped to 5mm needles for the remainder of the sleeves.

I knit the sleeves a bit longer than stated because I wanted the option to turn up the cuffs or have then covering part of my hands in colder weather which feels nice when my hands are especially arthritic.

I'll save my styling photos until the weather brightens up again as I want to do some fun shots to cheer up Kate!

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