Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Knit one, plod one

Yesterday saw me in a much more positive mood so I decided to do a hill session. The hill I chose was covered in mud and debris, the former from the heavy rains, the latter because the farmer had been hedge cutting with a flail cutter. I decided to find another hill to use as it was too difficult underfoot. I did a pleasant 2 mile warm up, did some stretches then started. The hill was about 400m and I ran up it and jogged back down 10 times then headed for home. I felt a bit puffed but it was a good feeling. As my legs were feeling OK I decided to up the pace a bit on the last mile. Phew, I was very relieved to have a good session after my last run. Total mileage was just under 6.

This morning, Anthony Bailey, the photographer from Knitting magazine, came to take some photos of me running whilst knitting. I couldn't resist asking if he was any relation to David Bailey! We had a nice chat beforehand and it turns out that his wife is herself a very keen knitter. From the sound of it she is a complete addict, knitting at every available opportunity and producing lots of items! We both agreed that this renewed interest in knitting is fantastic.

We went out onto the lane to take the photos and Anthony did some trial shots. Apparently I was moving so quickly that I was blurred (or maybe it was that he just needed to adjust the settings on his camera!!!). A tripod was erected and we tried a few more times. There were some nice shots and I managed not to drop any stitches. I'm experimenting with straight pins again as I found the chunky circular needles really difficult for some reason. It's quite hard to practice at the moment as it's been so windy. I don't know which issue the article will appear in but Anthony thought it would probably be the February issue. I'm very excited.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot that I did 10 miles on the treadmill today.


b-z said...


Its hippo here

had NO idea about all this knitting

where and when can we see these pics?

Susie Hewer said...

Hi Hippo, hopefully they will appear in the next editon of Knitting magazine which is due out in early January.