Thursday, December 21, 2006

Knitting Magazine Photos

Today I received a cd of photos from Anthony, the photographer from Knitting magazine. Here are a couple. As I wanted to show off my Alzheimer's Research Trust tee shirt I couldn't wear my waistcoat with the pockets in to stash my wool - I had to stuff it down the back of my leggings instead. It gives a whole new meaning to the question "does my bum look big in this?"!!!!!

I think I may need to work on my technique somewhat as I appear to have let go of one of the needles. At least I wasn't looking down at my hands. I had a very helpful idea from Susan, the Editor of knitonthenet who suggested I try knitting in the dark to make me stop looking at what I'm doing. What I've tried instead is to take my glasses off - without them or my contact lenses there's little point looking down at my knitting as I can't see it! It seems to be working as I'm not looking down as much now. I actually managed a 4 mile run whilst doing it earlier in the week. I did get some very strange looks though as you can imagine!


donnac1968 said...

Wow, I find it hard to watch TV and knit at the same time, so well done you!! All the best with the running and the marathons.

Lauren said...

Hi Susie

I just wanted to say that I think what are doing is amazing. I am going to sponsor you right away!

I thought you might be interested in this link:

It is a bag made specially for knitters on the go and clips on. I thought it would be perfect for your aim! :) It is called the GoKnit Pouch if the link doesn't work.

I am attempting to raise money for Charity by knitting too. Not just my own but as many people as I can get. My group and I are knitting four giant 16metre scarves for the Lions in Trafalgar Square. We hope to be able to raise loads.

I am a cancer survivor myself and thought I would use my knitting skills (which I learned due to being so bored at hospital) to raise some money for an important cause. Looks like you are doing the same thing. :)

I will post your blog and donation site on our board and in our weekly newsletter too.

And if in your training you happen to want to knit a bit of Lion Scarf you are more than welcome! :P

You can see all about our project at and my blog is at and our justgiving page is on there too so you can see how much we've raised.

Best of luck fellow charity knitter! :)

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