Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's arrived!

How exciting, my pattern for the glove KAL arrived this morning all the way from Kansas City. Pity the wool I ordered from the UK at the same time hasn't arrived! Actually, I did get an email yesterday telling me it's been dispatched so hopefully it will be with me tomorrow. I can hardly wait as I have so much nervous energy this week that I need something else to occupy me. I'm still crocheting the bag but I don't seem able to concentrate on one thing for long at the moment.

Also, I just popped over to see Nicki at www.laughinghens.com to get this lovely purple yarn as part of my London Marathon scarf. Purple is the colour of the Alzheimer's Research Trust so it seemed appropriate to have it knitted into the scarf somehow.


TutleyMutley said...

Got mine yesterday - and I'm half way through my first glove already! It's looking really good and the pattern is cool (I moaned about the cost, but it is a lovely pattern).
Good luck for Saturday. I'll sponsor you! What an amazing thing to attempt ;-)))

Ron Hill's Alter Ego said...

What a girl!!

A girl who can still get on with her chores whilst running with superstar athletes like me!!

Keep up the good work Suzie - and see you at the finish.

Keep on tapering