Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A new World Record?

Well, again something amazing has happened. Following the article in the Daily Express, I was forwarded an email from the people at Guinness World Records (tm) who will be present at the London Marathon. I completed their questionnaire and didn't really expect to hear back from them but today I have confirmation that I can attempt a record for a new category entitled "Longest Scarf Knitted whilst running a marathon". How cool is that?!!!!!

There are lots of guidelines to follow and my progress will be monitored by 'spotters' positioned around the 26.2 mile course and my position can be established from the micro chip attached to my running shoe. Then, when I get to the finish there will be an Adjudicator to measure the scarf, check the quality and then (hopefully) issue me with a certificate. Crikey. Now all I've got to do is run a marathon whilst knitting (whose stupid idea was that?).

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