Friday, October 12, 2007

Finished Scarf

This is the completed scarf for my friend Carol. I chose the colour of the yarn carefully as she is very depressed and I wanted something significant - blue because she's feeling low, yellow and mauve (the colour of primroses and violets in Springtime) and green because it's the lifeblood of plants and represents growth and renewal. I hope she will like it but it isn't her birthday until December so she'll have to wait!
Here's a close-up of the twist pattern. It's quite clever and you effectively knit it in 2 halves, twisting the 2 thinner strips together as you're going along. The yarn is alpaca so should be lovely and warm.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the 3 horses having a break around mid-morning. I don't think I've ever seen them all lying down together like that before. Awwwwwh, bless them.

Tinker couldn't help himself either. I was just about to make the bed and I put my old cardigan down. As soon as it hit the duvet he appeared out of nowhere and made himself comfy on it! This cardy has a story to tell. It is knit in a mohair with multi-coloured flecks in that I bought in 1982 whilst working in Blackpool. The yarn lived in my stash for several years before I started the project. It was interesting to knit as the body and sleeves are knit as one, sideways, with the cuffs and collar added on later. When I got to the stage where I started the cuffs I realised that I didn't have enough yarn to complete it. It was then 1985 and the wool shop had closed down and I couldn't find anything like it so the nearly finished cardy was stuffed into a bag and left in storage. In 2002 when I started to use the internet I remembered the poor unloved cardy and tried searching for the yarn on-line. Of course it was no longer manufactured but I managed to find a supplier of the same yarn company, contacted them and they found me a plain colour that matched really well. The wool store was over in West Virginia and she posted the one ball of yarn to me immediately and so I was able to finish my cardy at long last! Sadly that yarn store is no more but I shall always be grateful to them for helping me finish my project after all those years.

For my next project for myself I'm going to make this beautiful wrap by Mags Kandis using Rowan kidsilk haze. Isn't it gorgeous? I just needed something for me before I embark upon the Christmas gifts for everyone.

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Linda said...

The scarf is beautiful and so is the intent and care you have put into it. You are a very good friend.

If I wasn't just about to start a sweater for myself I would be starting the same wrap that your going to make. And the colours you chose are gorgeous. Please let us all know how the wrap goes. I've read the instructions a couple of times and I think I understand it but it would be great to hear your experience.

Linda in Oregon