Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Windy Wednesday

Well, the weather today was bright but rather cold and windy so I planned an 8 mile run that took me across country and through woodland for some of the time so I was sheltered. It was lovely and bracing but rather slippy in the woods as there was lots of mud and many puddles to negotiate. Amazingly I managed not to fall over and returned home in one piece!

I totted up my mileage for 2007 and I ran 2115 miles which is nearly 400 more than 2006. I doubt that I'll run as many this year as I don't intend to do any ultras (well not so far any way...............)

This is a book I stumbled upon in a secondhand book store a few weeks ago - The Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting, published in 1961. The front cover is of no interest but what made me smile was the name of the publishers - Mills & Boon. Now you wouldn't associate them with this sort of book nowadays!

Here is a centrepiece I've just completed but haven't blocked yet and the photo below is called 'Daffodils' and I rather fancy that as a Spring project.

My patchwork scarf has come out of hiding and when I look at it I can see some of Barney's hairs woven into it from when he sat on my knee whilst I knit. It made me sad but happy too as I shall always remember him when I wear it. Now I want to get it finished so I shall be concentrating on that for the rest of this week.

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