Friday, May 9, 2008

It ain't half hot mum!

Phewie, the temperature has soared this last week. The horses are still in the process of shedding their winter coats and so they have been getting rather overheated, poor loves. I spent a happy hour pulling massive lumps of hair out of Esther's coat. She's like a woolly teddy bear and has been getting very sweaty. This is the second plant pot I've filled - the other was one emptied quickly by the crows who use it to line their nests. Perhaps I should learn how to spin it. Kizzy's coat is much finer so she hasn't suffered as much but she still loves being brushed.

Well if she doesn't hurry up with our dinner we'll just have to eat the whole tree!

We had 3 little visitors again today. I've named them 'the gang of three" as they seem to be working as a team.

They came right over to the gate towards me and then trotted back across the field to the gap in the hedge. I must put some stock-proof fencing up..........but then again they are rather cute.

The smell from this little hawthorn bush is so sickly sweet but it looks magnificent so I thought it deserved a photo.

While I was in the area, I had to snap the "Green Man" face that we pinned onto the oak tree. We bought him at a England's Medieval Fair last year. It really was a great event and some of the craft stalls were really interesting.

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