Saturday, May 3, 2008

Steek Part 1

OK, so I've set the steek. The instructions told me to slip the middle 31 stitches onto a stitch holder but I decided to use waste yarn as I think a holder might have got in the way.

Then I had to place a stitch marker on the left hand needle and cast on the 10 stitches for the steek then place another marker. This caused a bit of consternation until I realised I should be looking at the needles from the wrong side and so cast on using the cable method. Phew, panic over!

The steek stitches are knit in stripes which I presume is to make them stronger for when it's cut (OMG!!!!!). What I don't know yet is what happens to the strips of steek afterwards. Are they sewn on the wrong side? I'm sure all will be revealed soon. I've just got 3 more rows to go before this is put aside until the sleeves are ready to attach. Hmmm, I bet that will be fun.


Marina said...

I don't have the book, but can I say something?

According to the "school of Starmore", the first and last stitches of the steek are the "edge sts." and they're almost always the same colour. The Starmore's usually tell you which one ... background or pattern colours.

The Starmore's usually do a check pattern for their steeks. Some say that the check pattern holds better.

Personally, I do stripes :


because it's easier to see that the cut needs to be made at the extra thick line (where x occurs twice).

Having said all that, your steek looks great. I messed up my first by not reading the instructions. I think it was 4 sts. wide, but it has survived wearing and washing.

Susie Hewer said...

Oh no! Thanks for that Marina. I wish I'd asked you first.

When I go back to it, having joined the arms, I shall do exactly what you've said as it makes so much sense.

Thank you for your help and guidance.