Sunday, December 21, 2008

I forgot all about this!

Oh dear, how on earth could I have forgotten to blog about the piece on ITV Meridian?! If Mike hadn't mentioned it then it would have slipped away unnoticed.

Anyway, we were contacted by ITV Meridian, a local news programme, about the scarf auction and Paul and his cameraman came round to do an interview.

Mike was around and so busied himself taking photos.

First we started in the kitchen with me looking at the auction website I had to try not to look at the camera and to move my mouse around the screen so I wasn't just sitting there staring at it!

Then we moved into another room, jiggled the furniture around, wrapped the scarf round my neck and started talking about the London Marathon, the scarf, why I did it etc. It's much easier to do this when it isn't going out live as you can just re-record any sections that you mess up.

Next, Paul wanted to get Mike into the shot as well - he wasn't expecting that! Just as well as he'd have made himself scarce if he'd known it was going to happen. No photos of this but they filmed us sitting together, looking at the scarf and through the Guinness Book of World Records.

They wanted some shots of me running as this was before the Hastings marathon. I was anxious to be able to wear my Alzheimer's Research Trust vest so they filmed me slipping it over my head and running off.

Peter, the cameraman, said it was a great "tits shot"!!!!!

Then it was just a case of running up and down the lane a few times.

It's always hard to measure what effect this sort of publicity has (exposure of the charity on TV is always good) but this time I had a very positive outcome - a lady I know in Hastings was watching and she clubbed together with her sister to send me a cheque for the charity (one of her sisters is in the middle stage of Alzheimer's). It was worth it for that alone.

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Carol said...

Wow! I think it's great that they came out to film. I'm sure it reached more people than you think.