Saturday, December 13, 2008

This what I'll be doing tomorrow.......

Tomorrow is the Hastings marathon which will be my 5th and final marathon for the year bringing my total to 16. I can hardly believe it actually! The weather today is vile, with gale-force winds and lashing rain, but it sounds as if it will clear by tomorrow. Fingers crossed anyway.

There was an article about it on BBC South East today during the week.

The article about Christmas without mum appeared in Best magazine this tuesday, so that's a bit more publicity for the Alzheimer's Research Trust which is good, plus Mike and I made an appearance together on ITV Meridian last week.

It's interesting that Fiona Phillips appears on the cover of the magazine (albeit for a totally different reason on this occasion) as her mother suffered from Alzheimers and she is a spokesperson for the Alzheimer's Society.


Carol said...

Good luck! I'm hoping the weather breaks for you.

Shan said...

Yes, indeed good luck.

And it's nice to know that those bloody "7 pounds slimmer instantly" headlines are a transcontinental problem.

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Carol and Shan!

Shan, I agree that those headlines are so annoying and I'm sure they make a lot of people very unhappy with their body image.