Thursday, September 10, 2009

She sells sea shells......

For as long as I can remember I've hoarded sea shells. I love all the wonderful shapes and colours and have a secret ambition to create a shell grotto one day. Many of them have been brought back by friends from their holidays and so have special memories attached.

Whenever we visit the coast I will happily spend hours searching for interesting specimens which then get stored in carrier bags and biscuit tins in the garage for future use.

The other day Mike and I had a good old clear out in the garage and put all my shells into one easily accessible place so at long last I am now able to get them all out and look at them. This of course lead to hours of fun playing around with designs and remembering where they came from.

I had saved this piece of wood for over 20 years for a craft project "one day" (as you do!). It was a drawer front from the kitchen we fitted in our first flat and it had a slight mark on it so was unusable. I thought I'd use it as a background for a design and played around for a while.

These were my 2 favourite designs.

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