Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Extraordinary Service

Most of the time we consumers have to put up with mediocre or downright poor service so when I get good service I shout about it!

So, on Sunday I ran out of yarn and I thought I'd have to wait an absolute age for it to arrive. As the yarn is now discontinued I thought it might have been a problem but I was fortunate to find it on eBay. I did not have high hopes of receiving it quickly and resigned myself to swatching for a lace scarf for a friend whilst waiting.

However, I ordered the wool on Sunday evening and it arrived with the post on Tuesday. Now that is really impressive.

So, I would like to recommend eBayer Aileen for her outstanding service. I notice that she's got the latest Louisa Harding book Queen of Hearts which I like the look of so I may be popping back there in the near future.

Sadly Aileen's life has been touched by Alzheimer's too so I will add her to my growing list of people to think of when I'm pounding out the miles.

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