Sunday, October 4, 2009

So many things.......

There are simply not enough hours in each day to do everything I want to do! I keep meaning to update my blog but finding the time to do that takes me away from all sorts of other things. But then I actually enjoy writing my blog as it's great record of what's been going on in redheadland.

So, things get forgotten and written about out of sequence. I must be more organised!

Since I last wrote, Denny and Daniel have been to stay and it was wonderful to see them both. Just to clarify their significance in our lives, it was Denny who suggested that at my great age I should stay at home and do my knitting rather than run marathons - and so the running and knitting idea was born! Here she is looking rather uncomfy with the beautiful Esther, my Haflinger.

I've bought a really old loom on eBay and been playing around with that. I only threaded a small section of it - it can go up to about 16" which is wide enough for a cushion - just to see how I liked it.

The creative possibilities are endless and I know I shall great fun with it.

Just in case anyone has every wondered what field gates are for other than to keep livestock in the correct place, Kizzy is demonstrating their use as a bottom-scratcher!

She is such a lovely old mare and a joy to care for.

Isobel loved the scarf I knitted for her but adopted a completely unnatural pose when I tried to snap her wearing it!

At last I managed to catch the sheep in the graveyard!

One was very friendly and couldn't wait to be stroked. Her coat was really thick and she must have been roasting as it was a very warm day.

The other was quite timid and kept her distance.

She's so pretty and dainty. Mike said she looked as if she was all dressed up to go out somewhere!

I loved Shan's comment on my earlier entry about how eco-friendly it is. It just seemed so natural for them to be there, especially as there are so many sheep in this area.

We've been taking lots of photos of clouds recently as reference for Mike in his paintings and I couldn't resist these 2 beauties taken on 1st and 2nd October.

What glorious colours.

In knitting news, Morrigan is coming on nicely with one more sleeve to complete and I'm feeling much happier about going back to Oregon (the cardigan that is, not the place!).

On the running front I'm now tapering (ie reducing my mileage) ahead of the Abingdon marathon. I find it very hard to reduce my mileage nowadays as running high mileage has become so much a part of my life. All this extra time has been put to good use though and I've had more time for my many crafts.

The other thing I'm pondering is which events to do next year. There are 2 marathons planned already - Brighton on 18th April, followed by London on 25th April (where there will be another stunt but I can't reveal it just yet!!!). Although I ran the Kent 52.4 mile race I've never done marathons with just a week apart so that will be a novel experience. Of course, things are never quite as simple as that in my world and I've just had an email about the Paris marathon on 11th April and I'm wondering if I could manage 3 marathons in 3 weeks................

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