Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank you Gerard

A while ago I wrote to several leading yarn suppliers to ask if they'd provide me with some yarn for my latest venture. No response. No surprise really as I've never had a response in the past either!

Doing these stunts can be expensive (the marathon entrance fees, shoes, travel etc etc all mount up) and I have been indebted in the past to my local suppliers for stepping up to the mark and helping me out with yarn (Laughing Hens & Knitonthenet in 2007 and Kangaroo in 2009).

Anyway I contacted Gerard at iKnit to see if he had any useful contacts for me and instead of just sending me a list he very kindly offered to donate the yarn I need from his shop. What a star! Although we've spoken many times on-line I've never actually met Gerard in person so I'm hoping to use this as a good excuse for a trip into London to visit his shop.


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Helegant said...

Thanks Red; I now feel inclined to visit chez Gerard for my next project. Support for those who support others is always good - it makes the world go round.