Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sky 5

OK, now I'm becoming obsessed.

I decided to take photos at 5 minute intervals to see how the colours developed as the light faded.

Thankfully I haven't uploaded all of them as I don't want to appear to be a cloud geek!

I love the way the pink is intensified by the darkening grey clouds.

Hopefully this obsessive phase will wear off and I'll just post one truly beautiful sky each day.

I've noticed that the horses seem to gravitate to this part of the field around sunset. I wonder why?

5 more granny squares crocheted yesterday but still no running or cross-training as I'm feeling grotty.


Phil Taylor said...

Hi Susie, while you're out photographing the sunset try and catch the International Space Station - ISS. This link will give you the location. Its an amazing site if you haven't already spotted it.

Linda said...

I am always in awe of the photos you post. Lovely! And oddly enough our sky was incredible yesterday with hot weather pulling in thunderclouds.
Here's hoping you feel better soon.