Monday, November 28, 2011

Skies 87 - 108

How time flies and so many skies to upload!

14th November.

The fog descended during the previous evening and didn't clear all day.

15th November.

The fog just got worse and worse. Thank goodness we didn't need to travel in it as it would have been treacherous.

16th November.

Phew, the fog is nearly all gone with just a bit hanging in the valley.

17th November

Then we had glorious blue skies and it was so warm that I am still running in a vest and shorts and the horses still haven't got their winter blankets on.

Unseasonally warm in fact and that really isn't a good thing for so many reasons, not least that it has been the driest November on record in our area and they're already talking about water shortages looming large. Plus all the plants and wildlife are confused with things in flower that should still be sleeping and insects that should have died off still buzzing around.

18th November.

Another glorious day and I took advantage of it by running across the fields.

19th November

The sun is setting such a long way away from when I started taking the photos back in September. It's fascinating watching the changes.

20th November

21st November

22nd November

23rd November

24th November

25th November

26th November

27th November

I just managed to catch this partial rainbow in the morning as it was getting light. There had been a short shower followed by the sun rising and the rainbow only lasted a few seconds.

Although the days are bright, the temperature has started to fall and so it was time to light the woodburner in the evening.

Tinker was very pleased about that!

28th November

We had our first ground frost last night and I took this at the back of the house just as the sun had risen, at the front, as I liked the pink tinges it gave the clouds.

29th November

30th November

1st December

2nd December

3rd December

4th December

Phew all up to date again on the sky front.

Later will be news about running, knitting and other crafting.

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