Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crochet update and a Fungi foray

Weaving continues!

Tinker helping

I've been weaving a few rows of the blankie each evening and finally I'm over half way across.  Phew!

It's nice to see the pattern emerging at last and I'm very pleased with my colour choices which are beautifully light and airy and feel all summery.  I know it's Autumn now but it is a blanket for Summer.


It's that time of year when I start taking photos of the amazing mushrooms and toadstools we have around here.

This first one has appeared in the orchard in the long grass near to a pear tree.  I've never seen it here before and as yet I can't identify it even though I've scoured my book. Now identified as a Yellow Fieldcap mushroom, Bolbitus titubans.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3 from above
Stage 3 side view
Stage 4 from above
I think that last photo looks very much like a flower.  It's interesting how the colour has changed over the days from that sulphur yellow when it emerged to this beige.

The next ones I think are some variety of Oyster mushroom and they appear in several places.

On the compost heap (in shade)
On the shady side of the orchard
These next ones always appear about now in large groups near to the Oak trees.  They are a form of Boletus.

Group of Boletus

This next one doesn't usually appear quite as early as this but at least I know what it is - a Scarlet Elf Cup.  Isn't that a perfect name for it?  I can just imagine the elves drinking out of them!  It grows on decaying wood and really shines out against that moss.

Scarlet Elf Cup
Speaking of "cups"  here are some cupcakes I made yesterday -  made with fresh lemon and poppyseeds with a lemon buttercream filling.  They won't last for long, thats for sure!


marloes said...

wat leuk je plaid heb je nu apart weer draden heweven in je haakwerk
ziet er super leuk uit,
en schtterende paddestoelen(fungi s)gr marloeskreatief

Shan said...

You know, most people probably don't even see the cool fungi, but you're a very noticing person, aren't you! I like that.

The lemon cupcakes made me want to cry a little with joy and envy.