Saturday, October 6, 2012

Overlay Crochet Cushion & more excitement

So here's the beautiful overlay cushion by Melody MacDuffee I mentioned before.  Isn't it stunning?!

I have chosen my own colours as I want it to co-ordinate with my curtains so here they are:

I've swapped the oranges and rusts for pinks and reds.

They are a mixture of embroidery cotton and cotton perle as I like the idea of having different textures - 
smooth and twisted.

It may take me some time to do as it uses a 1.75mm hook and I haven't used one that small for years as my eyesight isn't that good!

Is it a heart or a bottom?

When I was checking over the plum trees I spotted these 2 plums that had fused together.  Being an old romantic I immediately saw a heart shape................

........Mike saw a bottom!

A fantastic find

I've been searching for a terracotta  chicken or duck for months.  Why?  Because I want to adorn it with shells!   I saw an example in an old book of handicrafts and thought it looked amazing.

I don't often write about my obsession with shells but I have an enormous collection and I love making pictures with them.  Last time I posted about them was my seahorse frame.

The other day we were pottering around the Charity shops in a local village when a lady was bringing in a whole load of boxes that had belonged to her late father.  There were boxes and boxes of sheet music so Mike had a good old rummage for any interesting piano music and then I spotted this -

It isn't a duck or even a chicken but the shape enthralled me.  It's a beautiful swan designed as a planter.  

The lady said it's very old and the store manager thought it was Staffordshire pottery.  There were bits of damage on it but that really didn't matter to me.  It's about 15" high so quite substantial.

I absolutely love the shape of the neck and head and those feathers will be a delight to cover with shells.  I can't wait but I think I might save it as a Christmas project.  We always have a project that we each devote all our attention to during the Christmas holidays and I can spend the next couple of months thinking about how I'll decorate it.

What a wonderful find!

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