Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crochet club begins!

The first email from Jane Crowfoot arrived on Monday morning and I printed off the instructions for February with great excitement.  It's rather fun creating something bit and bit and not knowing exactly what it will look like eventually!

Here's a slightly better photo of some of the glorious coloured yarn we'll be using along with the beads. The yarn has names such as Nightshade, Persimmon and Blood Orange.  They are well named as when I was checking off my package I just looked at the colours  to identify them rather than their reference numbers.

Beautiful colours
The first thing to do was tension squares using double crochet and treble crochet.  My gauge was spot-on for both stitches so I'll be starting my project this evening.

Tension squares
A propos nothing in particular, here's a photo of some massive molehills which appeared in one of our fields the other day.  This was exciting because we've never had them in that field, which is on claggy clay, as they usually stay in the end field which is on softer, sandstoney soil.  The mole population has  been in decline for many years so it's good to see that they're still around (I might not be quite so pleased if they come across the next field into our garden though!!!).

Molehill mounds

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Shan said...

Cute! I've never seen a molehill...we don't have them here on Vancouver Island, I suppose.