Sunday, February 24, 2013

Marathon Training & Pottery

Asthma & running update

I'm writing this update because I've noticed a lot of people searching my posts about asthma and running.

It's been a challenging few weeks with some days where I've just had to accept that I won't be able to do the level of training I would like.  This, of course, has resulted in feelings of inadequacy and frustration. especially as I'm entering the really high mileage weeks of my schedule.

At first I thought that it was largely the cold weather that was the problem but this last week has proved otherwise.  There have been some very cold days and yet I have run really well and felt very satisfied with my training sessions.  For example, on Wednesday I intended to run 10 miles at marathon pace.  However, in reality although I managed the 10 miles I just couldn't find enough breath to maintain my chosen pace and spent most of the run coughing and wheezing.  The next day I did an intervals session and it was the best session I've had in months - how does that work then?!

Today I ran 18.5 hilly miles comfortably in sub-zero temperatures and with a biting wind.  The only hint of asthma was in the last mile, a long uphill climb, when my chest felt a bit gunky and my breathing was laboured.

So what's going on?

I have a theory - food.  I am already a vegetarian and have been for nearly 20 years but for Lent each year I go vegan which means I eliminate dairy products and eggs.  Now dairy products are notorious for producing mucus within the body and I'm wondering if this could be one of the reasons I've had some good runs in the last few days.  

It's just a theory at the moment but watch this space.

Pottery update

I finally collected my pottery pieces following their glaze firing and I was very pleased with how the owl and the leaf turned out. 

Owl slab pot front

Owl slab pot back

Fatsia Japonica Leaf dish

French Knitting

I forgot to include these photos from West Dean.  Suzanne produced this little machine from her bag of tricks and proceeded to turn the handle vigourously.

This is what she produced - French Knitting!  

Last time I did any French knitting was when I was a child and my mum gave me a cotton reel with 4 nails in the top and I had to use a crochet hook to create the cord!  What a nifty little gadget.  I found something similar made by Prym here on eBay.

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