Saturday, June 1, 2013

Baby knits/crochet, a coffee morning/cake sale and loads more!

Edmund's vest

OK, I seem to be having a problem with photos created as 'landscape' but then flipped round to be 'portrait' before I upload them.  When I upload them onto here they are all stretched out sideways like this:

How annoying is that?!  I've tried everything but it still won't do it properly so I'm giving up for the moment, otherwise it will take forever to update everything.

So what you are looking at here is the little vest I made for Edmund, Lisa and Andrew's  beautiful baby boy who I met for the first time at our coffee morning on friday.  He is absolutely gorgeous with the most beautiful blue eyes.

Here's the back all squidged up but I hope you get the idea.

It was knit in Hayfield Baby Bonus 4ply in the colour 'mint' using 2.75 and 3.25 needles.  I used the measurements from a jumper I knit for a baby aged 6 months to work out the gauge and size.  Then I swatched in a box pattern (row 1 k2p2, row 2 p2k2 and so on) and added a couple of simple cables for interest.  I rarely knit cables these day as I think I overdosed on them in the 70s/80s when aran knits were very much in vogue.

The jumper pattern I based it on was plain stockinette with a round neck so I had to work out how to convert it to a V neck as I decided I liked the idea of that with the cables.  I'm not very good at adapting patterns so it took a few goes to get it right!  I actually enjoyed the cables and it was fun working out how to get the decrease right for the V.  I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Baby crochet

Then I decided I wanted to crochet some more of the crocodile stitch bootees but this time for Ann, whose first grand-daughter is due in September, as a thank you for organising the coffee morning (more on that later).

I'd bought some special little buttons with bunnies on them especially but could I remember where I'd put them? No I jolly well couldn't!  Of course they should have been in my button box but they weren't and so, as I was in a rush to finish them in time I had to rummage through my pearl buttons to find something suitable.

I always smile when I see this little box as it was my mum's.  It's an old face powder container and she's stuck a label on top using bits of old masking tape.  Recycling at it's best!

Going off at a tangent, as I do, I changed the mat on my dressing table the other day and it just looked so pretty I wanted to show some of mum's handiwork.  The pretty butterflies are embroidered in whitework.  There's drawn threadwork on display and then just look at the pretty crocheted butterfly edging.  So pretty and such fine work.

The coffee morning and cake sale

As I'm still having trouble uploading photos I shall just leave this little teaser.  Suffice to say that the event exceeded all expectations!

To be continued............

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