Monday, June 3, 2013

ARUK Coffee morning continued

Something strange is definitely going on as my font and spacings seem to have gone awry and no matter what I do they keep defaulting to this.  Humph!  I'll just post details of the coffee morning and save the other stuff for when I've sorted it out.

So, on friday 31st May we held our coffee morning and cake sale to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK.

It was absolutely brilliant. The sun shone and loads of people came to support us and they were all very generous. We took the scarf along to show people, together with my Guinness World Record certificate, both of which made a great talking point. People were amazed at the length and weight of it - we hung it over a door so they could see just what a monster it is (now why didn't we take a photo of that at least?!!!!).

The pub in our village and from another village nearby both donated a 2 course meal for 2 people and we had lots of other prizes so the raffle did very well. So many people had been busy making cakes and biscuits too.

Sadly, because we were so busy, I have hardly any photos. Even Mike, who usually snaps away and records everything, was so busy talking to people that it wasn't until we were packing things away that he realised, so all I've got is a few shots of some of the cakes beforehand and 3 of the ladies who helped out on the day.

The naughty computer is still stretching things sideways so the lovely ladies look rather strange shapes!

Left to right - Katie (Ann's daughter), Ann & Shirley

Some villagers enjoying the sunshine

I could hardly believe it when I counted the money at the end of the day as our total raised was £800!!!  I'm still in shock, but in a nice way, and I just feel privileged to live in such a wonderfully supportive village.  That evening, Mike and I took a walk down to the village pub and had a meal and a few drinkies to celebrate.

What a fantastic day and I think my village is definitely the best village in the world!

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