Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I knew there was something else to show in my last post; my crewel embroidery from many years ago! So here it is:

Sorry about the reflections but it was impossible to take without them so I accepted this image, warts and all, with part of a window and my arm clearly visible. I should say also that it is hanging straight, it's my arm that's wonky! I love the colour of the frame against the pale blue wallpaper.

The lovely oval frame I was hoping to use (see the link above) was just that bit too small once I'd stretched the fabric and some of the design was lost. This old frame had a rather faded print in it so we chucked that out and substituted my crewel work. It's made me want to do some more so I might have to rummage around in my crewel yarns and come up with a design.

I have some beautiful photos to share soon of a church where we held a concert last weekend in aid of church funds and Alzheimer's Research UK.

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