Thursday, August 21, 2014

From my runs

I realised that I haven't posted any photos from my runs for ages which may have lead you to believe that I haven't been running, which of course I have.

In June I had a gentler month and just ran for the sheer enjoyment of it without worrying about my speed but in July I had to start a more rigid training schedule as I still have more marathons to run in the  autumn.

I've had a tough time with asthma attacks in the last few weeks which have really interfered with some of my speed sessions - it's hard to run when you can't breathe properly! On the days when things were going well I've taken plenty of photos so here are a few, not in any particular order:

Tree roots that look like the bunny from Donnie Darko!
An aptly named Magpie Moth
The remains of a feast on this tree stump - some squirrel had dined on pine cones! 
The light in this pine plantation made everything look pink rather like the old photos in sepia print
A glorious hairy caterpillar of the Ruby Tiger moth. I spotted him humping his way across the lane and waited to make sure he got across OK (I didn't pick him up because a lot of the hairy caterpillars can cause severe irritation).
I don't know what sort of fly this is but I thought he was magnificent - his wings look so delicate yet his body looks like armour!
These young female pheasants were running around squawking and flapping as I ran along the path. As I got nearer 2 male pheasants started to swoop at the path and I realised they were chasing a fox away. Don't the females look odd without their tail feathers which they moult in the summer months. 
One of my favourite routes. This year the field has been sown with wheat and it made a wonderful rustling noise as I ran through.
Look how parched the ground was though. We've had a very hot, dry spell here in the UK and the heavy clay dries out really quickly.
The other thing I noticed was a mass of cobwebs all over the field.
A few days later the crop had been harvested and the path looked quite different.
Unfortunately the beans in this field was so tall (up to my waist!) that I couldn't make out where the footpath was so I just had to guess!
These beautiful downy seeds are from a Scotch thistle - if you've seen the film Avatar, they remind me of the seeds of the Tree of Souls.
The next 2 photo have nothing to do with running though. This cactus lives in the porch and has flowered it's socks off this year for the first time.

Next time there will be some knitting and crochet to show.

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