Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A bit of light stitching

I realise that I haven't updated my eyesight issues so in brief; I had a follow-up visit which resulted in much angst because the man I saw didn't speak very good English, couldn't see one of the laser spots (in my good eye!!!), disappeared without explaining what he was doing (which resulted in Mike getting very worried as he was sitting outside the room watching as the man hunted around to find a Consultant to get a second opinion), couldn't find anyone, told me the laser treatment hadn't been done properly and referred me for another 'emergency' appointment. Great!

Went back a week later and saw the lovely lady who did the laser treatment who confirmed that everything was tickety-boo and the man I'd seen hadn't been looking in the right place. That really inspired confidence! I've now got a follow-up appointment with her in a few weeks time and then if all's still OK then I'll go back onto my usual 6 monthly check-ups for my pressures, cataracts and glaucoma.

All this mullarky made me think long and hard about my eyesight issues and how its decline will affect my numerous crafts, especially embroidery which used to be one of my favourite pastimes. I virtually stopped doing it when my career took off in my early 20s as I always need good light to be able to do it and work got in the way somewhat. I promised myself that when I left to have babies then I'd have more opportunities to do it. But then we found out we couldn't have children so that threw a spanner in the works and embroidery became associated with a sad time.

Enough of that thank you very much, time to get on with it again!

As I'm a tad rusty in my stitching skills I thought I'd start on something where I could just play around and refresh my memory. I remembered this lovely tea towel designed by Sarah Young I'd bought in Rye ages ago which fitted the bill perfectly. They are designed to be cut out, stuffed and used as doorstops but to me they screamed "embroider me before you stuff me!"

May I present Hester the hare.

I may embroider both sides. I'll see how it goes.

I just started doodling and played around with different stitches, long-ago forgotten. It's great fun looking back through my embroidery books for ideas.

I added beads on top of some French Knots

Oh my goodness, I need to practice my French Knots a bit more!!!

I do, of course, have a little helper at times:

See, I'm no trouble at all...........

.....until you want to choose some more thread!!!


Anonymous said...

I love it!
I really feel for your eye problems. I can no longer knit anything other than plain stocking stitch while watching tv. I have various projects started for doing with or w/out tv!
Life just never quite goes how you planned it does it?

Susie Hewer said...

Awwh, thanks Julie. Same here re TV knitting etc and I always have to have the main lights on rather than just lamps. Getting old sucks but we mustn't grumble too much as not everyone experiences it (which has been brought into sharp focus this year with the number of friends having heart attacks, cancer etc). Carpe diem xxx