Monday, June 10, 2019

Back on the Trail

Yesterday I was back in my happy place,  up and down hills in beautiful countryside at this years Weald Challenge event which starts and ends in Chiddingly.

As I parked my car, my lovely running buddy Bryan pulled up alongside me and we agreed to run together which was a nice surprise as I hadn't seen him since last year!

As we headed off to Registration the RD was putting out the trophies. Oooh, a blue one, I wanted that (I got a brown one for being 1st FV60 last year)

I didn't take as many photos this time, just a few to give a flavour for the route. It was the most perfect weather, not too hot and with a gentle breeze although when we set off it was quite warm and we were worried we'd get baked later. Have a look at my photos from last year for more views.

As always it was over very mixed terrain:

Bryan hadn't noticed this plaque last year marking Blackboys Airfield. It shows that this land was used as an emergency landing place for planes in WW1

Oh those dreaded steps - I always prefer going up steps to going down them!

The impressive gateway to Buxted Park Hotel

Winnie the Pooh country

"I bet you're going to take a photo of that lichen", said Bryan. He was quite right!

As we headed back downhill for the last couple of miles we upped our pace a bit and overtook several people. As we crossed the finish line, in 7:10:05 by the official chip timing (which is 32 minutes faster than last year), we wondered what our position would be in our respective age categories so after we'd got our medal and a lovely new mug we headed off to find Stuart, the Race Director.

I love this colour! We enjoyed a lovely brew of fresh coffee together with some scrummy cake

There were only prizes for FV60 and M60 and in Bryans category the first man home only took 4:59 (speedy boy!) so we guessed he must have been very early 60s whereas Bryan is 68. There were 4 women in my age category so I wasn't sure if I'd win this time but I did and I got another beautiful plaque and a running belt with a water bottle.

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