Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Every man should have one.........

....a digger for the weekend! We had some serious clearance work to do in the front garden and this was the most sensible way to do it. Mike was overjoyed to have a big boys' toy and took to it like a duck to water. We had a great weekend shifting stuff around.

To get rid of some of the spoil we had to take loads of it across the horses' field into the next one and that caused great shennanagins from the horses. Esther is surveying the scene with a look that says "I demand to know what you're doing!" Each time we crossed their field they came trotting over and tried to get through to the next field. Then when we shooed them off they pranced around snorting indignantly.

Anyway, we spent 3 whole days clearing stuff and now the heavy manual digging begins. GULP! I have been too cream-crackered to even pick up my knitting since last friday so I have only managed to knit the leg of the first sock. It looks good though (I should take a photo later....)

I spotted my tradescantia plant displaying transpiration perfectly this morning. If you look closely you will see little beads of water along the edges of the leaves. Beautiful.

Tinker is making an appearance because he's beautiful too and he isn't feeling very well so needs lots of virtual love and hugs. Poor little fellow. He's been to the vet many times of late and at 12 years old we can't help worrying. Paws crossed that he's OK.

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Marina said...

Oooh! My kids would love the digger. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent at parks or science/children's museums watching them play with "big boy toys".

Esther is gorgeous. Poor Tinker, I hope he feels better soon. His "twin", who recently turned 15, sends kitty licks!