Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grow your own!

No not fruit and veg, wool!

These little beauties have come to stay with us for a while.

It's a nice arrangement with a local farmer - we provide the grazing, he gives us hay for the horses in return. Suits us all as the horses don't need all the land and also it keeps the worm count down in them as the sheep graze the grass lower and eat the worm eggs which aren't harmful to them.

Mike went for a walk around the land yesterday morning and I asked him to take photos of anything of interest so he chose the sheep. They are very nosey, even though they won't always come right up to you, so it was no surprise that they followed Mike on his walk.

It's like a scene from the Pied Piper of Hamlyn!

In knitting news, Kirsten has just released clue 3 for the mystery sock KAL so I should get both of those done soon. As I was getting bored waiting for the clue I started to experiment with stranded garter stitch with a view to perhaps making a hat to keep me going inbetween clues. I'm not allowed to start a big project as I made a promise to myself last year that I would stick to one item at a time so that things didn't get abandoned through lack of interest - I am the worlds worst for unfinished items! It's worked well so far so I'm trying to stick to that rule.


Carol said...

We lived next to some grazing land in the UK and these photos take me back! Good luck with the next clue. I've put my mystery socks aside to finish a cardi for Rhinebeck. Only a few more days with lots to knit!

Kirsten said...

Love those sheep photos!! Especially the last one.

You may need a second project this week since it is just the heel, you'll have that done in no time. Next week, with the gusset and foot should take a bit more time though.

Susie Hewer said...

Carol, I am so jealous of Rhinebeck. I bet you come back laden with goodies.

Kirsten, I've just done one of them whilst I had a break for lunch so the other should be finished this evening.

Hmmmmmm, I can see myself breaking my 'one project' rule................but it won't count as it will be Kirsten's fault!

Shan said...

I just love that last photo.