Monday, October 20, 2008

Short row shaping but no pom-pom (yet!)

The hat was quite an interesting experiment. I enjoyed the stranded garter stitch and it's made a lovely fabric with a sort of woven look about it. I just cast on 60 stitches and then worked back and forth from crown to brim doing short rows at the crown with an occasional partial short row (without the wrapping) at the brim end so that the brim would have a bit of grip when turned back.

Of course I'd sewn the seam before I thought it might have been interesting to show the fabric beforehand as it was quite a strange shape. Never mind. It fits perfectly and is really warm.

Now all I've got to do it stick a pom-pom or curlicues or some other ornamentation on the crown as it looks a bit bare at the moment. I shall play around with my crochet hook this evening.

Tinker very generously offered to model the hat for me so that I could show the short-row shaping I did at the crown!

My hands are a bit sore at the moment as I've been digging the garden for the past week. We have heavy clay and it's jolly hard work. Poor old Mike has hurt his back so has been excused digging duties (only for the moment though!). I won't be doing much running this week as I'm tapering (reducing my mileage) ahead of the Beachy Head marathon this Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it even though it is one of the toughest marathons in the UK.

It will be my 4th marathon this year and my 15th in total, 11 of which have been done in the last 2 years. Also, it's exactly 4 years since I ran my first marathon and if anyone had told me where it would lead I would have laughed out loud!

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Thank you for stopping by again and your comforting words.....I will be willing you forward for your run at the is so admirable.