Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's not my fault!

See, I've finished clue 3 of the KAL and Kirsten won't be releasing clue 4 until next wednesday. Well, I can't just sit here and do nothing can I?!

Yes, I know there are sewing projects I can still get on with but I do like to have something from each discipline on the go so I've been swatching for a quick-knit hat.

I've settled on these 2 yarns. The multi coloured one is full of blues, greys, plums and cream and is a Noro yarn leftover from a pullover. The beige is leftover from the last time I did an arran sweater which must be about 3 years ago.

The stitch is stranded garter stitch where one stitch is knit in yarn A then the next in yarn B etc etc. It gives an interesting loopy effect where the yarn is carried. I'm just going to make it up as I go along so we'll see where I end up!

After the KAL I really must start on the Oregon cardigan as I seem to have been sidetracking.

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