Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sky 42 (Friday)

What, it's October tomorrow? No, surely not, it's far too hot!

After I'd taken my sunset photos last night we had a change of view and sat at the front of the house on the rocker later in the evening.

We listened to owls hooting, things rustling in the undergrowth and acorns dropping from the oak trees.

We could hear the horses munching grass in their field.

Then we did a spot of star-gazing, with Saturn and the Milky Way in full view whilst we drank coffee from a flask.

We spotted a couple of satellites and Mike saw a shooting star.

The only thing that interrupted our evening was the cars speeding along the lane and the distant sound of heavy plant machinery. We guessed that they must have been doing some roadworks in the next village and that the traffic had been diverted along our, usually quiet, lane!

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