Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sky 43 (Saturday)

Oh my, I've had a fantastic couple of days from a plant lovers point of view.

On friday we went to a wholesale nursery nearby that was having an open day with plants at trade prices. We came home laden and it was a good job it was sunny so we could have the car roof down!
Then today, as Mike was working, I had a little jaunt up to Great Dixter as there was a plant fair there, plus I got to have a look round the gardens which are interesting at this time of year.

Not only did I come back laden with unusual plants, I found the solution to this awkward shaped bit of garden by the side of the house.

At the moment, now it's been cleared, Tinker is using it as his own personal dustbath.

Whilst this keeps him very happy, I would prefer to make slightly better use of the space!

The next 3 photos give an idea of what I'm thinking of.

I remember when the late Christopher Lloyd dug up the roses in this part of the garden and announced that he would be trialling 'exotics'.

People were up in arms about it but I was right behind him as I find single cultures boring and dull, preferring a diverse mix of plants and shrubs.

So I shall spend the Winter months plotting and reading and preparing to sow interesting things to put together my own interpretation of a jungle in East Sussex!

As for the evening sky - wow!

It was a glorious display.

We ate outside again, making the most of the unseasonal warmth - yesterday was a record-breaker with the hottest temperature ever recorded for October in Gravesend in Kent at 29.9 degrees. It wasn't far off that here in East Sussex.

This morning I ran just 8 miles very early ahead of very little else before the marathon next week.

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